Comedy veteran Chris Shaw has shared stages with the many 'Bigs' in the industry such as “Weird Al” Yankovic, Brian Regan, Gilbert Gottfried and others. But when headlining comedy clubs across the country as the imploding, impulsive and insanely goofball "Dude", he creates an avant-garde variety of fast-paced and often spontaneous stand up, music, audience participation and craziness, with a nod to the classic comedy oddities of the past...from Emo Phillips to Bobcat Goldthwait, Sam Kinison and other legendary wits. 

On his current tour of the world​, aptly named the "Hey. I'm ON!" Tour, which is showing up at venues of all sizes, as well as several corporate and charity events and festivals, Chris is firing up several new bits, sight gags and musical spoofs to keep longtime fans guessing. Never seen Chris or the Dude? It's about time...before some of the things he does become ruled unconstitutional by the current government!!

Unusual? Always. Predictable? Never. Hilarious? Definitely!